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Plotting the Garden

Elise Smith, Millsaps College

Elise Smith is Professor of Art History and Sanderson Chair of Arts and Sciences at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. She received her Master’s degree at Vanderbilt University and her Ph.D. at UNC, Chapel Hill. In addition to numerous articles and presentations on a range of topics, she has published three books – The Paintings of Lucas van Leyden (University of Missouri, 1992), Evelyn De Morgan and the Allegorical Body (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2002), and Women, Literature, and the Domesticated Landscape: England’s Disciples of Flora (with Judith W. Page; Cambridge, 2011). She and Page are currently working on another collaboration: a study of eight early twentieth-century women whose work in the gardens and countryside of England reveals their response to the land as a site of both personal solace and professional productivity. Abstract