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Plotting the Garden


About the Organizers

Judith W. Page is Professor of English and Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Emeritus at the University of Florida, where she also served as Director of the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research. She has published widely on William Wordsworth and British Romanticism, and regularly taught in that area, as well as courses on women writers, including Jane Austen. Her recent books are Disciples of Flora: Gardens in History and Culture (with Victoria Pagán and Brigitte Weltman-Aron), 2015 and Women, Literature, and the Domesticated Landscape (co-authored with Elise L. Smith), which came out in 2014 in paperback from Cambridge University Press. She is completing a book on women, literature, and gardens in early 20th century England with Elise L. Smith. Professor Page has received fellowships and grants from the NEH, the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, and the Chawton House Library in the UK.

Professor of Classics at the University of Florida, Victoria Emma Pagán is a University of Florida Term Professor for 2017-2020. She was also a University of Florida Research Foundation Professor for 2014-2016 and a recipient of a Teaching Award in 2010 in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She has written twin studies for the University of Texas Press: Conspiracy Narratives in Roman History (2004) and Conspiracy Theory in Latin Literature (2012). She is the author of Rome and the Literature of Gardens (London 2006); A Sallust Reader (Wauconda 2009); and she is the editor of the Blackwell Companion to Tacitus (2012). With Judith W. Page and Brigitte Weltman-Aron she co-edited Disciples of Flora: Gardens in History and Culture (2015). Her most recent book is Tacitus (London 2017). She is currently editing the Tacitus Encyclopedia.

Events are free and open to the public.

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